Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Slimy creatures

Last night, we saw two large lizards (which isn't really anything new, we see at least 2-3 a day in or on our house), but we thought everyone would like to see what crawls all over our house all day long:

We're actually pretty happy to have lots of lizards. Lizards eat bugs. We hate bugs. We like lizards. Or, should I say, "Hallelujah for lizards!!!"

Today we saw a huge frog outside. Not new either. Some wise guy several decades ago thought he could help the mosquito problem in American Samoa if he brought thousands of frogs onto the island. The frogs are not indigenous to the island. Now, we have a huge mosquito problem AND a huge frog problem (the frogs aren't really a problem, there's just a whole lot of them. They're probably also our friends (I hear that frogs eat bugs, too?)).

He was so pretty I thought he deserved a close up shot. He didn't smile.


Proud Mum said...

That's funny about the frogs.

Are the Samoans afraid of the lizards? I couldn't believe how many people had been born and raised in Hawaii and as grown adults were terrified - still - of geckos. I'm with you guys, anything that eats the bugs (and the cockroach eggs, btw) is a friend of mine, and we tried to name our household lizards. Billy was my favourite, he was the best gecko-pet.

Philip Murphy said...

those lizards were geckos. just wait to you see their "gifts" they leave all around the house. glad to see you're getting accustomed to the island.

ABQ Mom said...

Those look more like Toads to me ;-)

Anyway, yay for lizards and frogs, they're the greatest. Bugs are not so fun. I can't believe the antenna on that bug!

We just have giant spiders, chance of scorpions, and cool blue colored lizards here in ABQ. Besides of course the road runners and bunnies.