Thursday, September 28, 2006


Last night, I was at the Korean class and Jessi and Jaydn were at home. In the middle of the class, some of the students said, "hey, did you guys feel that? The table was shaking. It was an earthquake!" I must have been talking, because I didn't feel anything. When I got home, Jessi said that the house shook during the earthquake, and the dogs and birds outside were going crazy! She called Mike who said he was feeling it, too. I checked it out online and found that a 6.7 quake hit about 180 miles SSW of Pago Pago (the capitol of American Samoa) about 27 miles below the sea floor, but that there was no risk of a tsunami. Today, I read that there was a small tsunami that hit American Samoa in the Pago Pago harbor due to rising ocean levels.

If there ever is a large earthquake that could trigger a tsunami, I'm pretty sure where we would go. We have some friends in the ward that live on much higher ground, and I bet they would let us stay at their house for a little while. Anyways, we haven't asked them yet... hmm..., I guess I need to do that, huh?


ABQ Mom said...

wow! earthquake, how scary! I'd be making friends with the highlanders as quickly as possible!