Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ofu - (Part 4) - Saying Goodbye!

(Used without permission from Mary, the photographer.)

Monday was the best day for snorkeling on the island. We found some information in the hotel lodge that told us exactly where we needed to go to have the best snorkeling experience. So, Jessi, Jaydn and I trekked off to the area.

The water was clearer than Evian! And we saw huge schools of fish, and all kinds of coral (probably the biggest single coral I've ever seen). It was neat. Jessi and Jaydn loved it as well. And we were the ONLY people on the beach for miles and miles and miles.

The beach was wonderful. It also had large rock formations that were quite fun to climb on.

After swimming for a while, we found a surprise under our bags. It sure startled Jessi.
We tried to get him, but he got up and ran sideways into the ocean. Never saw him again.

Did I tell you Jaydn would be a shell collector? I found the shiny one on the bottom of the ocean.

Shortly after swimming at the beach, our plane was supposed to arrive. However, the airline called the lodge about an hour before the plane was supposed to arrive and said that they weren't going to come to Ofu that day; maybe tomorrow they could pick us up! The only problem was, we were running out of money, and some of us had to WORK tomorrow! We finally convinced them to bring the plane out that we were SUPPOSED to have ridden in to come to Ofu, the 14 seater instead of the 6 seater. That way, he would only have to take one trip. But you see how difficult it is not only to get on the island, but then to get off it as well!

We all gathered in front of the bigger plane before we took off and took a group picture.

We had lots of fun and some scares, but it was time to go home.

Goodbye, Ofu and Olosega! (One of Mike's amazing pictures):

Whew! Don't know how he got that picture. Although I think it was when he exited the escape hatch for a few seconds during the flight. He also amazingly got this shot of Tutuila (the main American Samoan island--where we live):
So glad our flights were safe. So glad those who were swept out to sea came back alive. It was a wonderful trip, until we were informed that we would perish upon entering the airport :)