Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Look at My Bookshelf: The American Patriot's Almanac

Probably the most famous "American" thing that ever happened on my birthday (March 19) was the first day of the invasion of Iraq (2003), although Uncle Tom's Cabin was also published on my birthday in 1852.

On my wedding anniversary (May 7), Germany surrendered to the Allied forces in France, bringing an end to World War II in Europe (1945). George Washington was traveling from Mount Vernon to Philadelphia to attend the Second Continental Congress in 1775.

Today, April 18, brought the most famous ride in American history. Paul Revere made his ride from Boston to Lexington, Massachusetts on this day in 1775. April 18 is also the anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake, which killed 3,000 people.

Each page of The American Patriot’s Almanac, by William J. Bennett and John T.E. Cribb corresponds to a day on the calendar, and contains fascinating and wonderful stories from our nation’s past. Now, more than ever, both we and our children must hear the fabled stories of America. I thoroughly enjoyed reading, and more clearly understanding, our nation’s history in a day-by-day format. I think you will, too, and that is why I gave the book five out of five stars.