Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I think I've got Snorkelitis

Is that what happens when your snorkel gets permanently connected to your mouth so you always have to use it? No, it just means you REALLY enjoy snorkeling. And if I took our friend Paul's diving class, I'm sure I'd get addicted to that, too.
On Saturday we went snorkeling again. Jessi and I are getting better at it, which means not getting so antsy when you feel really close to coral. Once you lose it, you scrape your knee and then have a gash that takes weeks to heal.
We went to a place much closer to my work. The last time we went here, I could see a sea turtle stick its head out of the water. I ran in, and watched it for a while. This time was no different. On our way back from a long path of snorkeling, Mike and I ran into what I'm thinking is the same turtle. We watched him for quite a while. Then Jaydn had the guts to come out and have me hold him in the water while he watched the turtle. Every so often, the turtle would swim up to the surface and get a breath of air; then he would glide back down to the bottom to eat. It was magnificent.
Jaydn was being pretty goofy in the water:

And Jessi gave me a good idea for putting on snorkel gear: do it in the water so you don't get so much sand in it!

It was probably the best snorkeling day we'd had. The water was so clear and calm, and the weather was great.
Jessi was so tired from snorkeling, she passed out on the water!

No, I'm just kidding, she just wanted to show you how she could float on the water. (You didn't actually believe me, did you?)

Here's a funny (OK, maybe not so much for Jessi). We were watching a movie on the laptop (because we don't have a TV), and a large beetle dropped from the ceiling right into Jessi's overalls! She shrieked, jumped up, and started un-clothing very quickly. We've been here long enough to instantly know what just happened. She got it out, and we smashed it. So much for beetle. Now Jessi's nerves are frayed!

Life just won't be the same in the States when we don't have bugs dropping on us. What a shame.


Proud Mum said...

Eeek! I had a small beetle land on me in the shower once in Hawaii. I was never the same since. I can totally sympathize, Jessi!

ABQ Mom said...

Oh man! A beetle falling down the front of your overalls! I'm so sorry jessi. The closest I've had to that is when I've been in the shower in Idaho and I can't close my eyes because of all the hobo spiders on the wall and ceiling.

Last fall about this time we had a lizard that kept sneaking into our house. I caught him to put him back outside when he shed his tail in my hand and leaped out. It totally freaked me out!