Saturday, September 30, 2006

Row, Row, Row the Boat

Jaydn and I go to the park next to our house just about every day. The view at the park is wonderful. And the tennis courts also have this view. Launa and Angela, eat your heart out!

Of course, the water here is nothing to get excited about. I purposefully did not take a picture of the beach here. Or should I say, landfill?

A few days ago, Jaydn learned to swing without being pushed. It was a big day for him, and every day since then we have gone to the park so he could swing.

Mad Jaydn:

Happy Jaydn:

Silly Jaydn:

Before we came to the island, we were told that Rugby and American football were the most popular sports in Samoa. However, they forgot to mention that Samoans play a lot of volleyball:

Yesterday evening I took up a new hobby. Mike and Mary (another neighbor) and I went to Utelei beach and went long-boat paddling. Each boat had six people, and we paddled the boats out into the ocean. It became a little scary when we got out pretty far and the waves were big like you see on the movies. We paddled up the wave and down the wave. And it was really, really hard work! I suppose I will get the hang of it someday. I think we went about 3 1/2 miles. When I got home I had several sore muscles, and desparately needed to sleep!

On another note, we bought airline tickets to New Zealand! We're really excited. If anyone has any suggestions for our trip, we welcome them.