Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm just swimming in rain!

So, we wanted to go to the beach on Saturday, but instead we experienced probably the rainiest day so far. It poured buckets! Jessi, Jaydn and I took a tour of the nickel-and-dime shops, 75% of which are run by Koreans, so it was fun to talk to people in Korean. We didn't take any pictures, but Jaydn did. He's becoming a pretty good photographer. He wanted to show you how much rain there was.

I thought rain water was going to seep in through the doors a couple of times. On Sunday, we all spoke in church and Jessi and I did a musical number. I also got called to serve in the Elder's Quorum. We rounded off our Sunday with a dinner invite to the Pili's home; both members of our ward.

Today, I went to my first free Korean class on the island. Of all the random things you'd find in Samoa! I ran into Mr. Lee Hyun Hwi at a store on Saturday, and he told me about his class. I was the only guy there besides Mr. Lee that could really speak. It was fun though.

When I came home, Jessi said that another long-horned beetle dropped from the roof--this time landing on our bed. I'm really looking forward to the night when one drops into my open mouth while I am fast asleep! Anyway, apparently this bug was the brother of the one that dropped down Jessi's overalls. Jessi took a close up of bro:

He was so cute we had to take another face shot, just like with the big frog:

I don't have any other really big news, besides this bug. Oh, and it's raining now.


ABQ Mom said...

That bug is nuts! Seriously it looks like you could put it on a leash and take it for a walk!