Friday, September 08, 2006

Some Tidbits, No Pictures

OK, I'm not happy with Blogger. I am attempting to show you some more pictures of our experience here, but Blogger is apparently experiencing some technical difficulties. I've noticed that several people have been complaining that their pictures are not posting to their blogs. Part of the reason for my blog is so you can see the pictures! Anyway, I'll keep trying to post them; in the meantime, I wanted to relay to you the following tidbits of information:

1. Jaydn is really becoming a man. He is attending kindergarten at a Catholic school, where he has to wear a uniform. He is ONE of only TWO children at the school who does not have a Samoan, Tongan, or other island background. He got picked on his first day, and didn't want to return. However, we told him we were going to try it for a few more days, and he agreed that he would play along. After the second day, he told us that he had become friends with everyone. He said that he just decided he needed to be nice to the other kids, and then the other kids were nice to him. Quite unexpected from a five-year-old!

2. He is also becoming a great swimmer; a year or so ago he was terrified of the water, but now he almost has no fear! He loves swimming in the ocean, and is not afraid to do so.

3. He is also becoming a wonderful reader. He loves to read books (and get points for doing so).

4. We have a banana tree, a pinapple plant, and coconut trees outside our house. And Jessi just got several more pinapple plants, and some fresh herb plants as well!

5. We have learned that you have to be very selective about the places you swim. Samoans are not particularly careful about dumping their garbage, and many of the beaches are polluted or contaminated. We were excited to go to the beach next to our house, but when we went there, we saw all the garbage strewn across the sand and changed our minds. We'll go to a different beach! At least there are excellent tennis courts next to the beach by our house, with a beautiful mountain and ocean backdrop. Eat your heart out mom and Angela!

So, I just wanted to post these things, and hopefully soon I can place pictures on my blog!


Proud Mum said...

Blogger does that sometimes. The easiest way to get around it is to post the pictures from flickr directly to your blog -- that seems to be the method of choice. The free flickr account is all you need (the free account does have some restrictions, though. It will only store your most recent 200 pictures and you can only upload 20 mgs a month.) Let us know if you get a flickr account because a lot of us are in already!