Saturday, September 09, 2006

Around the Corner and Back Again

Today was the first big weekend since returning from Ofu (by the way, I still need to put Ofu pictures on the site--you'll love them!). We were planning on going to Vatia, which is a village on the complete other side of the island. We decided instead to We (Jessi, Jaydn, Mike (the other law clerk) and I) decided instead to venture to the western side of the island. We weren't disappointed. We went to a beach (seen here), and the water was shallow on the reef so we could walk out quite a way. Then, we drove all the way until the road ended. It was quite a drive, up hills and down, around the curviest road we've ever been on. And we saw some marvelous vistas, and beautiful flowers! Jaydn also took some good pictures! We ended the day by watching the rest of "The Incredibles" on the laptop. We had a great day.

On the other side, near Fagamalu (pronounced "fanga-malu")


Did I mention the flowers are beautiful here? (And this girl, too!) I'll put Ofu pictures on here next week!