Saturday, September 30, 2006

Coconut Point

Today we got up at the wee hour of 4:45 am to set up the computer for general conference. Due to the time change, we had to start listening at 5:00 am! But it was a wonderful way to start the day. My favorite speakers of the Saturday sessions were Dallin H. Oaks (speaking on the Atonement), M. Russell Ballard (serving in church callings), and James E. Faust (discipleship). I also enjoyed Robert D. Hales and Joseph B. Wirthlin's talks. And Dieter Uchdorf sure is fun to listen to.

After conference, we headed out to the beach. We couldn't decide on whether we should go to the Flowerpot Rock or Coconut Point. Since Coconut Point was closer, we went there first to see how it was. We were lucky; I guess the best part of Coconut Point is on private property, but a lady was there to let us in right when we got there.

I thought public beaches were badly polluted, but this was a private beach with another bad garbage problem. The water didn't seem too bad, though. We were secluded from society, and the pictures almost look like Ofu, even though they were Tutuila.

It's Jaydn's beach:

Tutuila (see Ofu pics for comparison):

WWII pillbox(?) and fisherman who was having absolutely NO luck next to us:

This has become our weekly routine: go to the beach, go get ice cream. Today was no different. Another nice picture of the beach (some trees had fallen down from the wind/rain/waves(?):
I swear, if Jaydn keeps his bright blue eyes, he's going to have all the girls.

We had a fun time, and we even found the best ice cream place on the island!