Monday, May 28, 2007

Here's a Good Deal

A local beauty salon advertises that clients can "lose up to 20 or more inches instantly on your first treatment" with a "slenderizing body wrap." That would bring me down to a, what, size 14 pant size? Whew, that's much better than exercise! Jessi would probably disappear!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Blue Hole (Gazillion)

Jessi, you do not look like "The Swamp Thing;" that's not even funny.
On our Saturday trip to the Blue Hole, Jaydn and his friends looked for cool shells and coral on . . . a beach of shells and coral. Needless to say, we brought home a lot of cool shells and coral. "Hey, look! Another cool shell and some more coral!"

Likely conversation: "Look, Oliver! That's where the sea worm got out and left his fossil!"

Little Brady Corry, probably thinking, "Gee, I can get my dad to do anything if I'm just cute."

"Hey, who wants to add this crab shell to their collection?"

Jaydn lives for trips to the beach.

Our friends from BYU--Pyper and Caroline.
Our beautiful bay. Don't let it fool you; just underneath the surface is a lifetime supply of garbage.

For example: on our way home from the beach (a walk I have previously called "the walk of trash"), Elliott found two large black something-or-others that float. Now how in the heck did that stuff get there? So Elliott decided it'd be cool to do a "Tom Sawyer" and float his way back home. And then so does Micah. And then Jaydn.

Problem is, it took forever for them to move thirty feet, and we had to constantly keep an eye on them just in case someone tipped over. So we all just took the garbage walk instead. But it did kind of unaffectionately remind me of 9th grade English class, I guess.


Every camera wants to go under water. Serious. But only some actually do. Here's some of what our underwater cameras have seen.

More to come . . .

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Reception

Right before we left Idaho, we spent a lot of time putting Melissa and Logan's reception together. You see, a standard LDS wedding reception is held in the cultural hall at an LDS church building, which is free of cost (just like the Temple is free). The cultural hall also is used as a basketball court, hence the lines on the floor (just ignore them).

Jaydn decided he wanted to take care of the gifts. He took the gifts from the guests and placed them together on the floor. He was a great helper.

This next picture tells me that there must be something to sitting by my wife that makes you smile. Or else my in-laws just weren't ready for the picture.

I just remember standing in line at my reception for hours. It's fun seeing people, but your feet take a beating!

It was fun to see Nanny Murfin (my grandmother) at the reception. I think she had a good time.

After several hours of hobnobbing, the bride and groom stuffed cake down their faces.

As a result of the wedding, Jessi met one of her new favorite people--Logan's grandfather.

Jessi and I got some dancing in as well. We were, I believe, dancing too close for a reception held in an LDS church building.

I even got a dance in with the bride.

Hannah's Blessing

After the wedding we went to Jessi's brother Jared's home to see his daughter be blessed. Jared and Alli have three boys, and now a girl. That's just the same way my family turned out.

Jaydn and Jared's boys play together really well. Hannah is just a doll.

We even met with a familiar face from Samoa (Ali Pili).

So we got to see my extended family, Jessi's family, AND we watched the Utah Jazz victory over the Houston Rockets. What else could I ask for out of our vacation?

Melissa's Wedding

Well, it's been an amazing trip to Idaho and back. We went to my sister's wedding, my brother-in-law's baby blessing, and our families in-between. The reception last Friday was wonderful. I also saw my bro's Matt and Eric for the first time in a long time. No one can tell me that the money for this trip was not well spent.

Now it just feels like I am living in a make-believe fairy tale. I mean, am I in Idaho or Samoa? My mind says "Samoa" while my body still feels "Idaho." It's a very surreal feeling.

Anyways, let's see... where to begin? I guess I should start with the wedding, of course. Melissa got married in the Salt Lake Temple. Here's Jessi and Jaydn in front of the temple after the wedding luncheon. I show this first because it gives you the best idea of what the building looks like (from the front).

It was a cold, rainy day (don't let the picture below fool you). Jessi wore her puletasi (Samoan traditional dress). There were actually several Samoans at the Temple who commented on her dress. They all thought she was afakasi (part Samoan, part European).

The actual wedding is inside the Temple. Afterwards, we waited until Melissa and Logan came out to take pictures of them around the Temple.

We walked around to the other side of the Temple to take pictures in front of the original Temple doors.

Looks like Melissa needed some warming up.

I like this picture because I know what Logan is thinking. He's thinking, "man, I can't believe I married such an amazing girl!"

After some quick outdoor pictures, we went into the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for the luncheon. It was fun to see Eric and Matt and his fiance. Jessi and I also did a few numbers at the luncheon. We got several pictures with the family (but I think the photographer probably took better pictures).

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Potatoes to Papayas . . . to Potatoes

Well, we're back in Idaho for my sister Melissa's wedding. It's been great seeing our family and Idaho friends again. It is, however, a little bit weird coming from Samoa.

Every day that I'm here I have these thoughts about the things I like / dislike about Idaho compared to American Samoa. For example:

1. I don't enjoy my respiratory system drying up like a raisin.
2. I like the fact that I don't sweat -- not even at my job interviews!
3. Why does everything blow around when I roll the windows down when driving on the highway? Oh, yeah... I'm not driving 25 mph any more!
4. Idaho: Every guy has a goatee, cowboy boots and wranglers that are too tight.
American Samoa: Everyone wears sandals, tank tops and lava lavas that are too big.
5. American Samoa: Everything is green!
Idaho: Everything is brown!
6. American Samoa: Beautiful sunrises.
Idaho: Beautiful sunsets.
7. Idaho: I can find anything I want to buy in one store.
American Samoa: I can find most things I need in at least three stores.
8. Idaho: You can keep open bags of chips, apples, and licorice sitting in the car for weeks and not have one single insect come inside!
9. Idaho: You don't have to take out the garbage until it is actually full!
10. Idaho: You can leave food out on the counter . . . for days! (You're gonna start thinking I am a really sloppy person!)

Need I go on?