Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ofu! Wish we were still there... (Part 1)

Ofu was a beautiful, solitary island, with a bridge that connected it to another island, Olesega. Only about 300 people live on both islands combined, so it is one of the very few places on this earth with extremely pristine beaches.

At the airport in Tafuna (before we left), we thought we were taking a 13-seater to Ofu. But that plane had some mechanical problems, so we had to take the 6-seater!

Yep, we were freaked out. We thought we were going to die. I'm taking the picture--in the front seat! Looks like a '70's VW van inside! (the first two people are friends that went with us).

This was the picture as we took off. The second harbor in from the left is Pago Pago harbor, and I work right by the harbor at the courthouse. The island is really thin; right on the opposite end of the mountains is the other coast.

For being a small plane, the ride was very nice. It was really noisy (from the propellers), but not very bumpy. We were traveling at approximately 500-1000 feet I would guess, and that's pretty crazy for being over the ocean the whole time!

When we finally got to the island, I took a picture through the front window (which was right in front of me--no cockpit doors (and no terrorists on the plane, so no problem)).

The airstrip was very short; it felt like we were going to go right into the ocean (which happens to be at the end of the airstrip as well as the beginning).

But of course, we were fine. Jaydn got out and stood in front of the airport. Here we are!

Now let's go to the beach!