Thursday, July 17, 2008


OK, so I struggled my way on a two and 1/2 hour car ride with a sore back to Lagoon. But things are going better for my back, thankfully.

We stayed with my cousins, Joe and Lori Oliver. They are great friends, with a similar family to ours. Jaydn really enjoys their kids, Emma and James. Jessi really gets along well with Lori. And Joe and I are as similar as cousins get.

On Wednesday morning we entered the park. Normally, you'd probably make your way to the big roller-coasters first, right? But when you're with kids, Kiddieland is your first stop.
I don't know what the deal was with the kiddie ride that gets you soaking wet. Kids love to get wet, even with clothes on! Sheesh! Jaydn, Emma and James LOVED this ride:Then on to spaceships, airplanes, dragons, bumper cars, and captive animals, and it was then time for us parents to find a ride of our own!

We went on the new ride, Wicked. Wow. That thing really packs a punch! Jaydn joined us on a few big boy rides as well. We love the ferris wheel.

Get a load of this--The "Catapult," which literally catapults you up hundreds of feet in the air, has a handicap entrance. I must be near-dead, because I wouldn't step one foot near that thing.
Lagoon A Beach was really fun. We spent most of our time there. Jaydn even went on several hefty waterslides without a flinch.
Then, after getting dry, the kids wanted to play in the central water-shooting thing-a-ma-jiggy. So they were wet again.
We finished off the day with a great big dinner at Sizzler, said goodbye to our friends, and, drove home?!
Oh man, am I tired.


Holly said...

How fun! Who doesn't LOVE Lagoon?! Thanks again Sean! You did an amazing job for us! I think we had the best lawyer and best judge around!! It was perfect!! :)

Andrea, Mrs. said...

Holy smokes! That's a LONG day!

Darcy said...

Ya know what is funny? The last time I was at Lagoon, I was Jaydn's age!!!