Thursday, July 17, 2008


On Tuesday we left for Lagoon. But, backtracking a bit, a little after lunch I made my way to Rigby for a hearing. I was a little short on time, and I needed to meet my clients quickly. So I didn't take the first Rigby exit. When I got to the second Rigby exit, it was closed! I had five minutes until the hearing, and there was only one lane open because the road crew were working!

So I drove another five miles until I could turn around. Coming back, the OTHER Rigby exit was closed! Oh, man, by this time my hearing was probably starting! I've never wanted to be late to a hearing; certainly not this one! So I had to drive all the way past Rigby, make sure no police were around, and take the emergency turn to get back on the highway so I could get into Rigby's first exit.

By the time I got to court, my mind was scrambling on how to explain my tardiness to the court. Do I blame it on the road crew? Judges hate it when you blame things on others. Do I just say "sorry"? That won't work, because then he'll think I was late for my own reasons. I settled on telling the judge that I got confused by the exit closures.

Luckily, his previous hearings were running late. Phew! I got there just in time--10 minutes late, to be exact.

But I can't tell you how wonderful this hearing was. Nonconfrontational. No opposition. We won. The absolute best of my extremely short career so far. In fact, I almost cried.

Instead of telling you about it, I'll let my friends do it.


Kristy Anderson said...

congrats sean!