Sunday, July 27, 2008


One of the strangest places on Earth is right here in Idaho.

On Saturday, we stopped on our trip to Twin Falls and walked on the moon.

Craters of the Moon is one of the largest smears and piles of lava flow you'll ever see. Get one glance at this spot and you'll instantly wonder how it all came to be.
Eruption after eruption after eruption created this massive glob of lava rock over several thousand years. Some spots literally look like thousands of dump trucks came and unloaded tons of lava rock all over the place.

We toured some of the strange lava formations, and climbed up dormant volcanos.

Jessi showed off her musculos for the camera, right in front of a decrepid tree.Then we dipped into some of the lava tube caves in the area. But with flip-flops, crocs and shorts on, and no flashlights, we were not prepared to go too deep. Nevertheless, it was enough to capture Jaydn's attention.

We even saw some wildlife in this forsaken place.

That... was a hawk.

What a fun way to spend a few hours.