Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What a Surprise

My mom pinned me with "surprise" duty for my dad's birthday party following the successful surprise party for Jessi in AS. I guess I am good at diverting people or something.

I took my dad to a movie yesterday while some friends gathered at our house. When he got home, he had no idea people had thrown a party for him. Another successful surprise party.

Melissa and Logan are back from their honeymoon in Mexico. They wore biodegradable sunblock and didn't wear water shoes in the ocean. So, you can guess what happened, but after peeling off two full layers of their skin they seemed to be doing just fine.
Here's Melissa with hubby, mom-in-law and bro-in-law.
Mom with Smoot sisters.I was unable to bring the multi-candled cake all the way outside for my dad to blow out the candles.
Of course, the biggest surprise of the night was that Matt and Rachel came, all the way from Chicago (on their way to Reno). No one expected them to make it!

So, we all just ate and had a good time in my parents' huge backyard.
Happy 45th birthday, dad! ;)


Jeff Coletti said...

Thanks Sean, It was a blast!!!!!