Sunday, August 19, 2007

Family Reunion

Nothing like the obvious to bring you back to reality. Well, here we are, back in what some may call the "real" world, wondering whether life is easier here (because of the abundance of "stuff") or there (because of the abundance of "time"). It is nice to be close to family, but we miss our AS friends quite a lot.

Sleeping Grandpa with sleeping Hannah.

We went swimming this weekend. Fresh water. Chlorinated. Yep, at the city pool. We had a mini-family reunion with the Grigg side; Jessi's brothers and sister and their children were all together for the first time in many years. We had a family picture taken, and the next day we all headed down to the kiddie pool at Veterans Memorial Park in Provo, Utah (go Cougs!).

Our pre-swimming picnic in the park was interrupted momentarily by other families who decided to have their family reunions on the same day at the same park. Hence, we were unable to land a canopy and had to eat on the park bench overlooking the playground.

Some of us were worried about rain. But after a year of swimming on numerous occasions in the rain, I was thinking, "what's the big deal?"

So we checked in to the water park, got dressed, came out to the pool and were corralled back into the building. Someone saw a drop of rain (oh, and lightning). So we waited for about 20 minutes, all the while thinking we were going to have to just go home and, sorry, there are no refunds (even if you didn't even stick your pinky-toe in the pool).

I guess swimming around lightning was not such a good idea. I could handle the rain (even though it was bitter cold--who would've thought that rain could be cold?), but didn't want to be cooked by lightning.

Luckily it cleared up and we swam with the kids in the kiddie pool. Now, this is nothing like the open ocean, of course, but it was fun. And I knew that you wanted to see more pictures of us in our beach attire.

However, I think I'd rather taste ocean water in my mouth than chlorine-sweat-salt-gross from the city pool. Gross!

We stayed at Jessi's brother Jared's house in Orem. Nothing beats the mountain views from his front yard.
On the way home, I was reminded that Idaho also has beautiful sunsets.

So, aside from the fact that I have to pick our health insurance, figure out how and where to buy a house, and learn how to actually be an attorney, I think I'll be all right back in the states?!