Thursday, August 02, 2007

It's August--time to party... and move

August is such a wierd month.

In August 1983, my family moved to Brigham City, Utah.
In August 1992, my family moved to Preston, Idaho.
In August 1994, my family moved to Rigby, Idaho.
In August 1995, I moved to college.
In August 1996, I moved to Seoul, Korea.
In August 1998, I moved back to Idaho, and back to college.
In August 1999, we moved to Provo for more college.
In August 2000, I moved to Ft. Huachuca for military training.
In August 2001, I went back to Korea (and came back home).
In August 2002, we moved to Connecticut for law school (more college).
In August 2005, we moved back to Idaho.
In August 2006, we moved to American Samoa.

Can you guess what we're doing in August 2007? Yep, moving back to Idaho.

So I'm all messed up. In school I learned that January was the beginning of the year, but why then does the year always seem to start in August?

My goal, then, is to experience the epiphany that January really is the beginning of the year. How? By not moving for a while.

I'd also like to learn to relax a little more. More parties (like last night's game night) and less stress in August (why is everyone folding their arms?).

You're probably right, Todd.

I don't think so, Jason and Krista. You're just trying to get me to buy more of your chips. Yeah, yeah, Christine. We all know you won the dessert contest last Christmas.

Interesting idea, Mark, but... no.

Now you're on to something, Jaydn!

Bingo! Problem solved!