Thursday, August 16, 2007

So long, farewell...

When we came to AS, we were greeted by a friendly "Talofa!"

On Sunday, we got on our flight back to Idaho after many farewells from friends and a sobby "God Be With You 'Till We Meet Again" goodbye at church. At the airport, we met a multitude of friends.

And, of course, when we got on the plane, it rained. The plane sat on the runway for two hours! In Honolulu we raced to the next gate, only to find that the flight had been delayed for us. We were not so lucky in LA, however. We ran about as fast as we could (even leaving behind the carseat), and STILL missed our flight. Caroline and Pyper missed their flight as well.

Switching flights, we all got placed on the same flight straight to SLC. After our Honolulu and LA episodes, we were all seriously considering applying for "The Amazing Race." But we were also a little miffed at our ridiculous flight from AS. See our miff below:

Missing AS already.


Heather said...

That's a year that will stay with you guys forever. Welcome back to da mainland, may your adjustment to close-toed shoes smooth. (I know the adjustment to not living with those bugs will be pleasant!)

The Brown's said...

I'm sorry you guys had such a rough trip back to the real world! I had no idea the plane sat on the runway for 2 hours. I usually hear it take off, but I must have fallen asleep.

You will be missed by so many people here! We look forward to hearing all of your potato stories.