Thursday, July 26, 2007

Top 8 American Samoa News Stories of the Past Month

1. Governor announces the American Samoa Government won't fund its own sports teams at the South Pacific Games, basically because they "stink."

2. American Samoa Government proposes bill to criminalize underage drinking (what a concept?!).

3. AS Social service agencies condemn the underage drinking bill, basically because they believe it won't help to stop underage drinking.

4. AS businessman Galea'i found dead in Suva, Fiji, with multiple stab wounds to his chest and stomach. Military dictatorship Fijian government rules out foul play, suggesting that death was self-inflicted(?!).

5. In 2007, FAA FINALLY considering building air traffic control tower for Pago Pago International Airport.

6. AS high schools and middle schools compete (not during classtime) to see which school has the fastest text-messaging students (competition is good, I guess).

7. Confused Pago Pago residents speculate as to why highly contaminated Pago Harbor waters have turned "red" (is it a volcano?!)?

8. First Lady Mary Ann Tulafono cuts the ceremonial ribbon on McDonald's' new "top notch" Playland, exclaiming, "I'm loving it!" Tulafono praises McDonalds for providing a place which "promotes health" for AS children. Rev. Pale T. Schmidt offers the blessing prayer.

Never a dull moment...