Sunday, July 15, 2007

Angela in Ainu'u

We took Angela to Ainu'u yesterday. It was a beautiful day for a hike.

Our first stop was to the quicksand lake. Jessi and Angela both decided (for some reason) to try walking into the lake a little to see if they would start to sink. Jaydn again showed his wisdom by letting us know that he didn't think it was a "good idea."

We went back to the rock arch. The water was really low, so we were able to walk out almost to the arch and look into the cave next to the arch. Angela and Whitney were way too gutty for me; they started walking out on the slanted rock almost to the arch, and the tide was coming in so the waves were starting to crash over the rock close to where they were standing. It was all a little uneasy for me.
John caught a large crab with his bare hands, but he let it go before I could snap a picture (crazy palagi).
We stopped here and had lunch under the banyan tree.

About half way on the trail through the middle of the island, we found the plant that reacted to your touch. If you touched it, the leaf would close.

And someone destroyed the couch!
At this point, several of us decided to climb the tree overlooking Red Lake. Jessi did it the hard way, pulling herself up by a branch and climbing on my back so she could climb "down" the tree. I tell you, sometimes I wonder about that girl...

We stopped at the beach on the other side of Ainu'u for a short break, and Angela decided to cut up her legs on the coral again.
On the way back to the dock, we noticed a "wired" fale.
We stopped on the beautiful beach next to the boat dock to look for shells.

From crab to dog to child to barefooted man to shoed man. The story of my life.

Here's Mark's "help, I'm stranded on a deserted island!" picture.
And, of course, we swam at the boat dock. We went out around the right side of the harbor, and the coral and fish were abundant. It was really beautiful--probably one of the nicest snorkeling spots I've been to for a while (eat your heart out, Phil - a little inside joke). John saw a school of squid.
On the way home, we stopped by Samu for ice cream.

I love Saturdays.