Saturday, July 21, 2007

Back in Sailele (this time, with Angela)

Yesterday we made a return trip to Sailele.

On our last trip here, we gave some of our left-over food to the local kids that had gathered around our car. This time, two of the same boys were there. I don't know Samoan very well, but I could tell that one of them started talking about "palagi . . . food . . . good . . ." His mind was on the cookie that I gave him last time.

So it was no surprise when we came back to our stuff after snorkeling and noticed that OUR SANDWICHES HAD BEEN STOLEN! And I knew JUST WHO THE CULPRITS WERE!

Oh, well. It's funny when you have all this stuff laying out and only your sandwiches are stolen. They must have been pretty hungry.

Jaydn collected more shells at Sailele than on our previous three beach visits combined. I mean, we could probably fill a large suitcase with all of the shells he has ever collected (including those we secretly got rid of).

Jessi, Angela, Caroline and Pyper went out to the drop off to try out the waves. With how rough the water was, their trip didn't really last that long.

Snorkeling at Sailele is rediculous. It's so shallow and the water tries to suck you out to the 'ava. It's only worth trying if you are able to see a sea turtle. Which I did, luckily.

Snorkeling in the deep gorge in the waters of Aoa is much better. (Aoa - whoever said that words had to have a consonant didn't know what they were talking about). I took Angela and Jaydn over to Aoa from Sailele for a while.

There is nothing like seeing your 6-year old son swimming and diving down in 30+ feet deep water with no effort at all. Large fish, turtles, etc. swam by us on the ocean floor and it made no difference - Jaydn has no fear of the ocean. Angela kept asking Jaydn if he was "OK" or "needed to stop." I knew better.

Upon returning back to Sailele, Jessi told me she had been attacked by some dogs. Out of nowhere, a pack of dogs ran up to her barking and acting like they were going to hurt her. One of them jumped up on her and scratched up her leg. Fortunately, she was able to get her foot up so she could give one dog a big kick. Then, one of the locals came out with a shovel to shoo the dogs away. Aside from the scratch, Jessi was fine.

Apparently these dogs forgot they lived in one of the nicest villages in AS!? I mean, every time we come here, locals wave to us, smile, offer us coconuts, want to know where we're from, etc. If I were going to live in AS, I might seriously consider Sailele because of the warmth I feel whenever I visit.

Dumb dogs.

At this point it was getting late, so we made our return trip over the mountain. About half-way up the mountain you drive on a pass overlooking the village of Masausi, which is a very quaint, colorful little place.

Only three weeks left of beachin' it. Gotta' make the most of it while we can!