Monday, May 14, 2007

The Reception

Right before we left Idaho, we spent a lot of time putting Melissa and Logan's reception together. You see, a standard LDS wedding reception is held in the cultural hall at an LDS church building, which is free of cost (just like the Temple is free). The cultural hall also is used as a basketball court, hence the lines on the floor (just ignore them).

Jaydn decided he wanted to take care of the gifts. He took the gifts from the guests and placed them together on the floor. He was a great helper.

This next picture tells me that there must be something to sitting by my wife that makes you smile. Or else my in-laws just weren't ready for the picture.

I just remember standing in line at my reception for hours. It's fun seeing people, but your feet take a beating!

It was fun to see Nanny Murfin (my grandmother) at the reception. I think she had a good time.

After several hours of hobnobbing, the bride and groom stuffed cake down their faces.

As a result of the wedding, Jessi met one of her new favorite people--Logan's grandfather.

Jessi and I got some dancing in as well. We were, I believe, dancing too close for a reception held in an LDS church building.

I even got a dance in with the bride.


The Coopers said...

Welcome back to the States! You guys look so fantastic. I can't believe how big Jaydn has gotten. Crazy! Glad you enjoyed your trip back home. :)