Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Blue Hole (Gazillion)

Jessi, you do not look like "The Swamp Thing;" that's not even funny.
On our Saturday trip to the Blue Hole, Jaydn and his friends looked for cool shells and coral on . . . a beach of shells and coral. Needless to say, we brought home a lot of cool shells and coral. "Hey, look! Another cool shell and some more coral!"

Likely conversation: "Look, Oliver! That's where the sea worm got out and left his fossil!"

Little Brady Corry, probably thinking, "Gee, I can get my dad to do anything if I'm just cute."

"Hey, who wants to add this crab shell to their collection?"

Jaydn lives for trips to the beach.

Our friends from BYU--Pyper and Caroline.
Our beautiful bay. Don't let it fool you; just underneath the surface is a lifetime supply of garbage.

For example: on our way home from the beach (a walk I have previously called "the walk of trash"), Elliott found two large black something-or-others that float. Now how in the heck did that stuff get there? So Elliott decided it'd be cool to do a "Tom Sawyer" and float his way back home. And then so does Micah. And then Jaydn.

Problem is, it took forever for them to move thirty feet, and we had to constantly keep an eye on them just in case someone tipped over. So we all just took the garbage walk instead. But it did kind of unaffectionately remind me of 9th grade English class, I guess.