Monday, May 28, 2007

Here's a Good Deal

A local beauty salon advertises that clients can "lose up to 20 or more inches instantly on your first treatment" with a "slenderizing body wrap." That would bring me down to a, what, size 14 pant size? Whew, that's much better than exercise! Jessi would probably disappear!!


stadtler said...

When weight loss places refer to "inches lost" it's generally the sum of several different measurements. I believe it's each thigh, hips, waist and stomach. There might be more/less measurements involved, but if it was those five, they only need to shrink four inches off each to meet their claims.
Sorry, no 14" waist for you.

Derek Webb said...

Hi Guys, We are living on the Cook Islands on Rarotonga. We will shortly be moving to American Samoa to work. Question. We have a 5. 1/2 year old son. What id the pre school loke there?. Are the shops ok and is the place very americanised?. My partner is from Eastern Europe and is worried that it might be two much like Rarotonga which is small to her we have a population of eleven thousand and the island takes i hour to drive around.I will be there for one night early next week to get some idea and some pictures of town etc, its a shame that there are no pictures of real life samoa.