Thursday, May 03, 2007

Potatoes to Papayas . . . to Potatoes

Well, we're back in Idaho for my sister Melissa's wedding. It's been great seeing our family and Idaho friends again. It is, however, a little bit weird coming from Samoa.

Every day that I'm here I have these thoughts about the things I like / dislike about Idaho compared to American Samoa. For example:

1. I don't enjoy my respiratory system drying up like a raisin.
2. I like the fact that I don't sweat -- not even at my job interviews!
3. Why does everything blow around when I roll the windows down when driving on the highway? Oh, yeah... I'm not driving 25 mph any more!
4. Idaho: Every guy has a goatee, cowboy boots and wranglers that are too tight.
American Samoa: Everyone wears sandals, tank tops and lava lavas that are too big.
5. American Samoa: Everything is green!
Idaho: Everything is brown!
6. American Samoa: Beautiful sunrises.
Idaho: Beautiful sunsets.
7. Idaho: I can find anything I want to buy in one store.
American Samoa: I can find most things I need in at least three stores.
8. Idaho: You can keep open bags of chips, apples, and licorice sitting in the car for weeks and not have one single insect come inside!
9. Idaho: You don't have to take out the garbage until it is actually full!
10. Idaho: You can leave food out on the counter . . . for days! (You're gonna start thinking I am a really sloppy person!)

Need I go on?


Kim said...

Good to see you are enjoying stateside living. Idaho sounds fun! Ah, dry weather, don't buy too much lotion, you are coming back! See you guys soon...

Palagi from the island

Skelly said...

Good for you! Are you from Driggs? Isn't that where that picture was taken? Glad you're enjoying the low-humidity high desert.

Saw your name in the new ISB deskbook - did you know you're the only Idaho lawyer in there with an Am Sam address? Oh, I guess you probably knew that. Cheers.

- another Gem State expat

Heather said...

Happy Mother's Day, Jessi!