Monday, May 14, 2007

Melissa's Wedding

Well, it's been an amazing trip to Idaho and back. We went to my sister's wedding, my brother-in-law's baby blessing, and our families in-between. The reception last Friday was wonderful. I also saw my bro's Matt and Eric for the first time in a long time. No one can tell me that the money for this trip was not well spent.

Now it just feels like I am living in a make-believe fairy tale. I mean, am I in Idaho or Samoa? My mind says "Samoa" while my body still feels "Idaho." It's a very surreal feeling.

Anyways, let's see... where to begin? I guess I should start with the wedding, of course. Melissa got married in the Salt Lake Temple. Here's Jessi and Jaydn in front of the temple after the wedding luncheon. I show this first because it gives you the best idea of what the building looks like (from the front).

It was a cold, rainy day (don't let the picture below fool you). Jessi wore her puletasi (Samoan traditional dress). There were actually several Samoans at the Temple who commented on her dress. They all thought she was afakasi (part Samoan, part European).

The actual wedding is inside the Temple. Afterwards, we waited until Melissa and Logan came out to take pictures of them around the Temple.

We walked around to the other side of the Temple to take pictures in front of the original Temple doors.

Looks like Melissa needed some warming up.

I like this picture because I know what Logan is thinking. He's thinking, "man, I can't believe I married such an amazing girl!"

After some quick outdoor pictures, we went into the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for the luncheon. It was fun to see Eric and Matt and his fiance. Jessi and I also did a few numbers at the luncheon. We got several pictures with the family (but I think the photographer probably took better pictures).