Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year!

Thank goodness for an early ending to the year 2006! Jessi and I stayed up until 9:30 pm, then crashed happily into bed. Sleep is much more enjoyable than staying up past midnight! See ya next year...
So what did we do on the first day of 2007? Go to the beach, of course! We went over the mountain to Sailele, a quiet little town where the roads are sand and the beach is, too. It was just beautiful. Jessi had been there before, but I'd never been so we went with our friends, the Corry's and Mark Hales.

Here's a picture that gives you a good idea of just how much sand there is here. This church sits right on across from the beach, and is practically the last stop on the paved road until it turns to sand.

Jaydn loves digging in the sand. I guess he just dug a little too deep. Here he is frantically asking his friend Trey for help. Trey responds, "I'll help. Do you want me to put sand here, or here?"
The water was kind of rough on this particular trip to the beach, so we spent a lot of time just body surfing. In this picture you can see the line of the top of the wave coming onto the beach. Jaydn and Trey love dodging the waves. I just love to scare them.

Before we made our way home, I pulled the car onto the sand up to where we were so we could load all of our stuff. Gotta get a picture with our car on the sand. Such tourists!
And of course one last picture with the ocean! (Don't get this picture confused with a swimsuit catalog, please.)

On the drive home, we pass the Starkist Tuna factory. This place has gotta be on the top ten list for stinkiest places in the world. Whew! Each time I pass it I need to roll up the windows, but even that isn't enough! Maybe I'm not so sure about global warming yet, but I am a firm believer in and advocate of smell pollution prevention! Maybe I should take my case all the way up the ladder to Charlie the Tuna himself!

(Professional picture taken by Jaydn Sean Coletti, out of the back seat window.) Whoever would have thought that tuna had arms, glasses, and a hat?


Frances said...

Great Pic Jadyn, Love Fran

Frances said...

What a great picture Jadyn. You're turning into quite the photographer. love fran