Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More Crazy Signs from American Samoa

I just had to. I know I must have a weird sense of humor, but these signs make me laugh every time I see them.

Does he mean that mannequins are for sale? Or that they, as a mannequins, are for sales? I mean, is it sort of like a picket sign or a campaign slogan? (Notice the praying mantis on the window.)

The other one is just priceless.

This sign is, of course, put out by the "Office of Safe and Drug Free Programs," which seems to be a leg of the Department of Education. What's the "Office of Safe"? I think it's supposed to say "Office of Safety," but who knows? Maybe it means that the programs are meant to be "safe free" and "drug free," whatever that means. Or maybe the programs involve drugs that are safe and free. Probably not.

Whatever it means, the sign is on the fence surrounding construction of the new Tafuna Polytech High School. The same sign was on Samoana High School a few weeks ago. I hope the students who attend those schools can spell better. Just imagine parents telling their children, "kids, I need to talk to you about drugs and alcohols." It's great, isn't it?