Monday, January 22, 2007


We have about five or so banana trees growing around our house, and about once every month we get to take down a bunch of bananas for our family. Some of the bananas are more starchy and not as sweet as others, but we also have at least two trees that grow baby bananas, which are really sweet!

One of the baby banana bunches was getting ready to be taken down, when one of our neighbors drove by and came up and lopped it off with his machete. Jessi was keenly watching what happened, and she ran out and said, "no, stop! Those are our bananas." Samoans think communally; most things are considered to be communally-owned. So, I'm sure this guy didn't think anything of it.

Anyways, we tied the bunch of bananas (still green) up to the corner of our roof outside, so they could turn yellow. You have to cover them so the birds, bugs, and other creatures don't devour them before they are edible.

But, after about a week, they all turn bright yellow and are ready to eat. On Saturday, we had about 100 or more bananas to pick, cut up and put in the freezer for our morning fruit drinks. The best thing about it is, we don't have to plant or take care of anything--they grow by themselves!


Proud Mum said...

And to think I'm paying 70 cents a pound (or more if I want organic!) for those things!