Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Night at the Movies in American Samoa

Well, it's almost February, so I feel like I'm almost at the top of the slide. I'm sure that the rest of our experience here will just fly by.
Yesterday Jaydn and I went to the movies. Jessi dropped us off at the theater (which only shows 2-3 films at a time--because it's kind of small). We brought our share of snacks stuffed in our pockets. We walked up to the door about 10 minutes before the movie was supposed to start. A lady ran out of a side door and called out "can I help you?" like we were trying to break in or something. "Oh, we just wanted to see a movie. It starts in 10 minutes, right?" The doors of the theater were locked, and we could see that no one was inside. "Well, it's going to be about 30 minutes before it gets started; we just got robbed," the lady said.
Once we could buy tickets, we went inside and walked into the theater. We were the first ones inside. Jaydn, however, was cautious. "Daddy, can we really come in here?" he said. "Sure, once you buy tickets, you walk into the theater." "But, daddy, shouldn't we ask the lady if we can come in here?" "No, I promise we can come in here. It's fine." "But can't we ask the lady?" "We're OK, Jaydn. Don't worry." "But can we please ask the lady?" "Jaydn, trust me, we can come in here and sit down. Other people are going to come in soon." Finally, he relented.
We saw "Night at the Museum." Jaydn and I laughed so hard all the way through the movie. We really enjoyed it. Jaydn especially liked Mickey Rooney. Whoever thought that ol' gramps on Pete's Dragon could still be so funny?
I enjoyed watching Ben Stiller comfort Ghengis Khan by getting to the root of his anger--Little Ghengis's mommy and daddy didn't show him enough love.

Jaydn enjoyed the Neanderthal men (who had a bad first experience with a cigarette lighter).

He also liked the Tyrannasaurus Rex that wanted Ben Stiller to play fetch with him (just not in this picture).

So, all in all, it was a fun night at the movies. Surprisingly, the theater was probably the cleanest one I've ever been in. It was quite a nice theater, even by American standards. And we really recommend "Night at the Museum." We were constantly laughing, and I found nothing really offensive in the movie. Gosh, I think this is my first film review!