Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yellowstone, Part Deux

We went back to Yellowstone over Memorial Day weekend, hoping it would be sunny. It pretty much rained the whole time.

Here's the whole gang:

We stopped at Old Faithful, of course.

Yellowstone Lake was still frozen!

Angela is seriously dating a guy named Jey. He's from Sri Lanka, and I can't for the life of me ever remember how to spell his full name. He's really a great guy for Angela.

We forgot Jaydn's coat! So he had to wear Angela's:

Buffalo (I mean, ahem, "Bison") were prevalent in Yellowstone.

This bison is "bound for the promised land:"

There's even a "Bison Lane" on the road.

Just kidding, but they did get very close. Check out the baby bison. There were a lot of them.
What does this mean? I had a hard time imagining how I could walk "slippery." Of course, I could only do so when I was "wet." Maybe it applies if you get doused by a geyser. Jaydn made his best "I Love Yellowstone" face:

Going back home, we stopped by the IMAX and watched a show. People in the car got a little crazy when I turned on Abba:


Holly said...

I LOVE W. Yellow stone! I also love Jaydn's funny face. What a cute kid!!