Sunday, May 18, 2008

Do You have a Spouse Like This?

I was in court on Thursday morning. When I came back, two of the secretaries in my firm confronted me with grins on their faces and asked me if Jessi likes to call in to radio shows. I said that she did, but only if it was a contest. Their grins got bigger, and I said that if they knew something they should spill the beans.

Well, they explained that Jessi had called in on a contest where you had to "brag" on your man or otherwise explain what you wanted to change about him. The conversation must have gone something like this:

Host: "Hi, who is this?"

Jessi: "Jessi."

Host: "Jessi, where are you calling from?"

Jessi: "Ammon."

Host: "OK Jessi, now what is your husband's name?"

Jessi: "His name is Sean."

Host: "What does Sean do that you like or dislike?"

Jessi: "Well, right before he falls asleep at night, his legs start to shake and twitch really fast and the covers start moving. That's when I know he's really asleep."

Host: "That's funny. You must really love him, then. I know that would certainly be a turn-on for me. (Exhaggerating here, mind you)."

Jessi: "Yeah, I do, and it is."

OK, so while I know the general gist of what was said, I elaborated on it a little. I didn't actually HEAR it, so I don't know exactly what was said.

But this is the point to be made--there is probably only one Jessi, who lives in Ammon, who is married to Sean. That means that everyone who knew Jessi or me now knows that I shake my legs before I fall asleep.

Is it good to be known for this?


Manda L. said...

I feel better knowing this about you! And knowing that Jessi likes to call into shows ;)

Richardson B.L.A.H. said...

Way to go Jessi! Oh and knowing this about you Sean... just makes me laugh really! My hubby has his own way of letting me know he's asleep too!

Mark "the Master" said...

Well, people in American Samoa know as well

Tami said...

Hi! Kristy Anderson told me about your blog and I just had to check it out. This is Tami (DeLoura) Aguiar from Ricks College. Remember me??? Your family is gorgeous and I loved browsing your blog entries. Fantastic how you are a lawyer during the week and nursery leader on the weekend. We could use a good nursery leader like you. Personally I've got two "no cling" kids, but my third is a "duct tape" kid. He needs a little extra TLC, but adjusts pretty well after a bit. Anywho, since I've seen your blog I'd like to invite you to view mine. It's actually Jake's (my husband) family's blog...The A Team. We post on it somewhat frequently. It's private so I'll have to send you and invite. Here's my email address if your interested,

Andrea said...


I feel better now.