Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mark and Andrea Hales' Wedding

On Friday we drove down to Utah to attend Mark and Andrea's wedding. We drove down with Jessi's high school friend, Kalana. In Centerville, we picked up Ali Pili, a friend from American Samoa.

On Saturday morning we drove down to Manti, Utah. I hadn't taken that trip for some time, and I only had a vague memory of the canyon we drove through from when I lived in Price, Utah (a LONG time ago). I didn't remember it (Spanish Fork Canyon?) being so beautiful. Manti was also very nice.

Jessi, Ali and I stopped to take pictures before the wedding ceremony.

The Manti Temple has a lot of history. It is one of the first (perhaps even the first?) Temple built by the Latter-Day Saints once the pioneers came to Utah. So it is really old, but so beautiful.

This view makes it look like a castle.After the ceremony, we all came up and congratulated and hugged Mark and Andrea. It was beautiful, and they were (are) so happy. Jessi and I are so happy for them.

Pictures aren't taken of the actual wedding ceremony inside the Temple. But I did get a whole bunch of candid shots of Mark and Andrea as they exited the Temple.

Later that afternoon we went to their barbeque in Murray, Utah.

Mark wore the "Groom" shirt with a ball and chain for the "o"s. Andrea's shirt had a whip on it.

Right before we left, we took a picture with Mark and Andrea and all of our friends from American Samoa who came to the barbeque. From left to right, (Elder) Brandon Owens, Mark and Andrea, Jessi, Ali Pili, me, (front row) Pyper Jones, Caroline Carter, Jaydn.

Mark and Andrea are now on their way to the Carribean.

I can't think of a better way to spend your weekend than to see your good friends get married.


Blanche said...

Talofa & Greetings Sean, Jessi & Jaydn,

Fa'afetai Tele Lava for the wonderful pictures. Mark looks very happy. We are so happy for them.We wish them all the best.

Take care and be well.

Soifua & Warmest Regards,
Barber Family from Samoa

schwenke's said...

lucky you mark!!!!

congratulations to the lawyer and his new bride, i wonder if he got a prenup signed hahaha


Melinda said...

oka! looks like a wonderful day. wish we could've been there. we're so happy for mark & andrea. thanks for sharing photos.

Manda L. said...

Looks like fun and a beautiful trip.