Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patty's

This "holiday" is only two days before my big 31st. I walked out the door yesterday for work and groaned. I forgot to wear green. So I went back in and pulled a green tie off the tie rack and drove to work.

Even if my name is "Sean," I can't figure out St. Patty's Day. Honestly, I didn't even wear the tie. In fact, I think only three people in my office had green on. Of course, it was a whole lot different back in Connecticut, where it seemed everything bled Irish, Catholic, greeeen. There, you got invited to some real St. Patrick's Day parties. And some you had to turn down just to make sure you came back from the party still a Mormon.

I stayed late at work on St. Patty's Day. At about 6 pm I watched the 10-minute parade come down Park Avenue from my office window. Mostly firemen in kilts playing drums and bagpipes, and a whole bunch of people looking for a bar. A kilt in March in Idaho sounds terrible. I wouldn't mind a lava lava in March in American Samoa, however.

Jaydn enjoyed St. Patrick's Day. We totally forgot to tell him he had to wear green. He came home and said, "Mom, everyone was pinching me today." I felt pretty silly. He did get some cool cookies, though, so all was well.

No, St. Patrick's Day has never meant that much to me, unfortunately. All it means is that spring should be starting, and I will be getting older soon. But I guess that's a good enough reason to celebrate!?


Andrea W. said...


Just have to share—it’s my friend’s blog. She posted that Monday, and it CRACKS ME UP. I think I’ve read it five times.

The daughters are twin five-year-olds.