Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

I enjoy Easter. Kinda just the opposite of my St. Patrick's Day entry, I know.

On Saturday we had a big Easter egg hunt in our backyard. My parents, Jessi's parents, Melissa and Logan and Chandler and Angela all came. It was really fun to be with everyone, but for goodness sakes, why was there still snow on the ground? I mean, my mom hid Easter eggs in the snow!

Logan found an egg in our window well, but he looks like he's breaking and entering.

Afterward, we went to Bajio's for lunch for my birthday.

On Sunday, we all met at Jessi's parents' home and had Easter dinner. Oh, and a carrot cake for me. I like carrot cake.

Jaydn & I played chess. Jaydn plays chess?! Yup.

The question is whether I ever let him win.


Holly said...

Well Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great Easter too! :)