Sunday, March 09, 2008


I'm having too much fun with my Playlist that I've added to the blog. Whenever I'm on the computer I like to have the blog open so I can listen to all this great music! OK, you probably don't have the same taste as I do, but you can at least see how fun it is to get free music.

I can't believe I found "February Song" on Playlist! This song SO reminds me of Samoa. I listen to it and I am back there in a flash. I can see the beautiful mountains, smell the breeze, see the stray dogs and garbage, etc. Ahh, memories.


Holly said...

I love your playlist! I was especially excited to see the "Kings" on it, because you had written the previous post on it. I leave mine open most of the day too and jam out while we are cleaning up etc. :)