Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Snow Cave

My boy has an unfortunate bad case of eczema on the back of his legs that is taking its toll. I don't usually do this, but any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

Boy, doesn't that cave look fun?


annie said...

The things that I have read are to switch to frangrance free soap for sensitive skin and moisturize with fragrance free lotion. Lola used to get mild cases of it and this seemed to work pretty well. You can also get accupuncture for excema, but I don't know if Jaydn would like the whole idea of needles. I hope he gets better soon!!!

annie said...

I was also going to mention that with Lola it was something in her diet that triggered it, so you might watch his flare ups to see if there is a connection to that. Love you all!

jane said...

Move back to a tropical climate. Not joking, Noah had terrible eczema until we arrived on island and then it all but disappeared. If moving back is not viable then there's the standard dose of steriod creaams and other moisturisers to keep the skin soft and supple and not dried out (which apparently aggravates the eczema). I hope you find something to make it manageable.

Trav and Darcy said...

Arbonne lotion works well. I can get a bottle for you for $12 plus shipping. Or I can see if mom in law has samples left and mail you some before you purchase. Let me know if you want me to send to you. arbonne.com