Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Obama Effect

As a Mormon, I instantly took a fascination with Mitt Romney's campaign. Don't get me wrong--that wasn't the only reason I wanted to vote for him.

Now that he's gone, I understand that a lot of my fellow believers have become torn between candidates. Some conservatives tell us it would be better to vote for Hillary than McCain. Some are saying it would be better not to vote at all. And SOME have gone so far to say they will vote for Obama. Even whole articles have been written about this "Obama effect" on Mormons.

Aside from being able to read their thoughts, I think I understand the "Obama" effect. He's young. He's a family man. He is a good speaker. He's handsome. He's new (one term in the Senate, and an African-American--can't get much newer than that for the Presidency). And, he's nice, or, in other words, he comes across as being friendly.

Did I hit all of the reasons for voting for him? Oh, I almost forgot--he always talks about working with the other side. These are all tremendous plusses for Obama, in my mind as well.

But all of this begs the question--WHY VOTE FOR HIM?

I'm not sure conservatives are thinking when they say they intend to go for Obama. Why? Do you know what he stands for? Do you really think he'll be stronger on the social conservative issues than McCain? Do you really think he has a better plan for Iraq?

Do you think Obama will be more fiscally conservative than McCain? What about tax reform? Do you think he's got more know-how and ability on foreign policy than McCain? Do you think he'll appoint more conservative judges than McCain? Especially considering that Stevens is 87 and Ginsburg is 74? Not to mention Scalia (71), Kennedy (71), and Breyer (69)?

Do you think a Democratic Party-controlled Congress and a Democrat president will be good for our country?

McCain has one of the most solid conservative voting records in the Senate. And he's got just as much experience as almost anyone else running--if not more.

I guess what I'm getting at is, have all of these conservative Obama supporters stopped to think about what really matters? What about the issues that truly make us conservatives?

Shake off the "rock star" effect. Obama is a demagogue, a cultish figure, what some are even calling akin to a "messiah." He does not wear his issues on his sleeve. He'd rather you not know them at all. He plans to ride this wave of popularity all the way to the Presidency.

And that's why I think people need to THINK before jumping on this latest "American Idol" bandwagon.

And I just don't have time to touch on the sheer idiocy of conservatives voting for Clinton or sitting out the election JUST because you don't like McCain. I think the talking heads--Limbaugh/Hannity/Beck/etc.--are WAY wrong on this one.

This is about the most political blog entry I've ever done. I hope this doesn't turn anyone off from the blog. I may be a Republican, but rest assured, my blog is certainly an uncommitted Independent middle-of-the-roadian. It enjoys the "what are we up to" blog entries MUCH more than this drivel!


Trav and Darcy said...

I like political commentary a lot. When you break it down, John McCain is the lesser of two evils. While it is true that his voting record has been conservative, he has changed so dramatically recently, it's hard to estimate which issues he'll turn liberal on next. Examples: Amnesty Bill and Marriage Amendment. I think the Politicos will get their heads on straight when push comes to shove. McCain is better than either of the clown's running on the Dem side.