Sunday, February 24, 2008


We hit the bowling alley on Saturday.

Nice form, Jaydn!
Grandpa Grigg was a pro. Before we got there he said his average was 180 --10 years ago. He finished with 183.
Then there's me. Gag! It look like I'm letting go of my lunch or something!

You may notice that the bumpers were up the whole time we were playing. That's because we were playing with Jaydn. But the lanes never put the bumpers down when it was the adults' turns.

Even WITH the bumpers I didn't even scratch 100.

Jessi beat me with her "shuffle."


Melinda said...

aren't bowling picture silly? jesse does look very graceful. i don't think our land here even have bumpers. we'll find out tomorrow, we're going for thad brady's birthday. take care!

Holly said...

This looks like so much fun!!! You should try bowling on a Wii! I think you would love it, and be super impressed with your high scores! :)