Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our House

I'm sure everyone is SO curious about what our new house looks like inside. So on Saturday, after we had cleaned the house, I had the perfect opportunity to show you.

Our house is a four bedroom, three bath (with one unfinished) home. What does a three-person family need with a four bedroom home, you ask? SPACE TO GROW.

Here's the front room as I stand by the door to the garage:

And here's the kitchen from the same vantage point:

If I walk into the kitchen and turn back toward the dining room, this is what it looks like:

Turning to the main hallway, we see Jaydn walking on his knees:

Jaydn's current room, soon to be a reading room, and, hopefully some day, a baby room:

And here's Jaydn's new room, but first we have to eliminate all traces of "Princess Room" from it, including the putrid purple paint:
Jaydn's very own bathroom (he was very excited about this):
Our bedroom:
A WALK-IN CLOSET! This is MUCH better than our closets in AS:
And OUR very own bathroom!! Here's the downstairs family room, with WONDERFUL carpet:
An unfinished bedroom (which actually brings the home to 5 bedrooms):

Jaydn's toy room (he gets a whole room to himself for toys):
And the unfinished downstairs bathroom (which is already wired and plumbed):
Laundry room:
And food storage room:
So, that's it. We're in a home, FINALLY! And there really is NO PLACE LIKE A HOME!


Holly said...

I am SO happy for you guys! It was well worth the wait I'm sure! It's beautiful... other than poor Jayden's princess room dilema. :) haha.

Trav and Darcy said...

What a great home! I love that you have a basement (something that's unheard of here) and you have a food storage room! That's great. Congrats.