Sunday, April 08, 2007

Larsen's Cove

We had a two-beach weekend this last week; we visited Larsen's Cove. Larsen's a small hike from the Vaitogi village. While we normally go to the beach in small groups, this time there were probably 35 people in our group.

Once we hiked down to the opening for the beach, it was still a good 10-20 feet climb to get to the sand.

The snorkeling here was not that great, but the beach was beautiful. There was a nice big rock cliff in the center of the beach to provide shade.

The rocks sort of curled in around the Cove. The trees on both sides grew right over the water, and the water formed small caves on each side which were fun to explore.

Me in front of the beautiful rock cliffs.

I had to get a picture of the hanging coconut trees. They must be pretty strong to grow sideways.

Here's Jessi, Melanie and Deepa talking on the beach.

Jaydn, Trey and Keya got buried in the sand.

Here's kind of a dark picture of Jessi and I--married for eight years in May! I guess I'm a pretty lucky guy, huh?
As we left to hike back to the car we were captivated by the beauty of a sunset-touched golden field of papaya and banana trees surrounded by lush green hills.