Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dance Performance

On Monday we went to an island dance competition at McDonalds (EVERYTHING here happens at McDonalds). We have some friends' kids who were dancing in the show, so we came to give our support. Plus, ever since Jessi started dancing, she has really enjoyed going to dance performances.

All ages of youth danced, and their costumes were beautiful.

Some of the numbers were really neat so I videotaped them. While doing so, however, I noticed that Jaydn was dancing pretty crazy to the Samoan music on the grass to the side of the stage. I just moved the camera over and caught a pretty silly guy who had no inhibitions about all of the people around who were watching. It was funny.

I didn't get any still shots of some of the older group dancers, who danced and sang at the same time. Samoan choral singing is really uniquely beautiful, and I think the key to its beauty is the enormous amount of energy that each singer has. I mean, these dancers were moving all over the place and still singing remarkably well in several part harmony. I'll never cease to be amazed at the music I hear here in AS from Samoans.
Another thing about Samoan music is that it is always loud--whether it is on the bus or at a dance recital--really loud! This next picture is kind of dark, but just look at the foot of the vehicle and you'll see Jaydn and his friends making the international "that's too loud" signal.

Here's Jessi's visiting teaching companion and her family--the Esekia's. Their two oldest daughters danced in the show.

I really liked the cloud in the sky and wanted to get a picture of it, so I told Jessi and Carol to stick their heads in the picture. As you can see, one little guy was not very happy right at that moment!


Reed Miller said...

Sean and Jessi,
Thanks for the nice thank you card. I have a great picture of you from the reception. If you can tell me how to post it on here or give me your email address, I'll get it to you.

Congrats on your job in IF. It will be good to see you more often.

Reed & Danette