Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Signs of American Samoa

Here are some pics of my favorite government (and non-government) signs in American Samoa:

Here we have probably our one (and only) commercial billboard in American Samoa:

As you can see from the sign below, McDonalds has really taken a keen interest in the safety (but not the health) of the children of American Samoa:

The next sign is much better than the dumb TV commercials where the parent tries to get their kid to realize that "smoking will kill ya" or "you could get in an accident if you drink and drive." No, really?
The next sign doesn't have quite the effect that it should have. First, this accident was obviously minor; I mean, it's nothing but a cheap car that got into a fender-bender. Second, the way the sign is worded, it sort of gives the impression that the cops did this to the car because the driver was drinking ("they're cracking down!"). And third, what an eyesore for Pago Pago Harbor!
Here's a fun one (usually posted right outside a school):
Ouch, this gangsta needs some spelling lessons:

And if you're not convinced, this sign really hits it home: