Thursday, December 14, 2006


A few days ago, Jaydn decided he wanted to spend his birthday money at Magicland, which is a small carnival brought to you by the same folks that gave you "The Magic Circus of Saaamoooaaaa!" (my co-clerk has information on the Circus on his blog). The Carnival and Circus were both set up at the park across from our home. The Carnival has Christmas music playing while you go on the rides. So I guess it was kind of like, a Christmas Carnival?! MUCH funner than what we did last year, I must say (Twin Falls Christmas Parade? Who wants to stand out in the cold and freeze while they watch other people walk by who are freezing?). Again, this is the weirdest Christmas I've ever had. I mean, does it look like Christmas in our pictures?

Jessi and Jaydn first went on the "Dragon Coaster." After about the first time around, I could read Jaydn's lips, "when will it stop?"

Where to go next?

How about the race car ride?

Or the merry-go-round?

Jaydn was a little timid about going on the scarier rides. I can understand; you know that big one (is it called the tilt-a-whirl?) that goes around like a ferris wheel, but you are in little cars that spin around as you're going around? That one makes me get sick! Jessi took me on that ride during our first year of being married (apparently it's her favorite), and I started throwing up once we got to our next destination--a wedding reception. Let's just say I avoid that one now.

Jaydn would go on the ferris wheel with me, however.

It was a pretty neat contraption they had made--running on what seemed to be a lawnmower engine and held together with household nuts and bolts--it sure was a beauty.

And from the top, you could see, well, at least all of Tafuna and Nuu'uli.

We were lucky. We hit the rides just before--you guessed it--it rained.