Friday, November 10, 2006

Family Pictures

Our family gets family pictures every year. And every year I'm griping and moaning about how much it's going to cost. Not this year. What a friend is Mike? With a good camera, he took ur family pictures, and didn't charge us anything! I know, it would be sort of strange for Mike to turn around and say, "that'll be $100.00," but that's just what I'm used to. Perhaps I've learned a new lesson for future family pictures: take them yourself! Here's a few samples:

Hey, he's not in our family!

That's more like it.

To any who are offended--please pardon my man-skirt. It's called a lava lava, and even the toughest, meanest men in Samoa wear them. So there!


Proud Mum said...

Sean and Jessi, you still look exactly the same as you did seven years ago. It's not fair! (But congratulations, I'm very impressed and a teensy bit jealous.

Those pictures are great!

And btw, Sean, congrats for finally posting pics of your lava-lava. You are single-handedly changing the American schema (we can hope.)

Weaver said...

Oh, I forgot to send my bill. 100 bucks sounds reasonable, but I'll settle for dinner sometime! hahaha.