Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sliding Rock

Yesterday we drove out to the far southwest side of the island to go to a place called "sliding rock." It was quite a view from the road down to the ocean.

Once you get down to the water, you have to walk across a lot of "slippery" rocks to finally arrive at a pool that is constantly filled by ocean waves. The rocks are unintentionally slippery; although the intent of "sliding" rock, I believe, was that it provided a place for people to "slide" down the rock into the natural pool, it's really just a bunch of rocks that make you slip and fall and hurt your rear. We practiced some very delicate ballet across the rocks on our way to the pool to avoid any bruised coccyxes. However, Mike (the other law clerk) and Jaydn got their tailbones slightly injured nonetheless (but they're all right, mind you).

I was able to keep both feet on the ground.
The next blurry picture shows what the pool looks like, from a distance. Jessi is sitting on safe, high ground. The pool is behind her, and the wave is pouring into the pool.

We desperately wanted to swim and snorkel in the pool. We tried several times, but when a wave would crash over the rocks and into the pool, we just felt like we were being sucked out to the ocean. It created a dangerous river feeling. After trying and failing several times, we just focused on getting cool snapshots of us with the waves crashing behind us.
Jaydn took the next picture. When we noticed that my head had been cut off, he said that I "was just too tall!"
The next two pictures just fit together so perfectly. It looks like Mike is thinking about something, and is then startled by the waves.
Mike took the next two pictures while Jaydn and I were investigating a cave. Here is positive proof that Jessi sings her heart out when her family is not watching (look at the expressions on her face in both pictures).
I think I heard in the distance, "like a bridge, over troubled water," but I can't be sure. Although the next picture is sort of dark, I think it is one of the best wave pictures.
On our way back to the car, Jessi and Jaydn wanted to show you the lay of the land. Looks like they're walking on Mars or something.

Finally, on an off topic, Jessi took some pictures of Jaydn's school. If I hadn't said before, it's a Montessori school on a Catholic church property (run by the Catholic church). It's a pretty nice little area.

And, last but not least, Jaydn made a SCARY guy out of paper to put on our door for Halloween. I thought I'd get you into the holiday spirit.