Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fa'a Samoa

Samoans wear these skirt-like things, called lava lava's. We all bought one, but it's still kind of wierd for me to wear. I need to get used to it. Guys and girls both wear them. Here's Jessi's and Jaydn's. Once I'm comfortable with it, I'll show you mine.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but we have fruit trees all around our house. One fruit native to Samoa is the breadfruit. It is aptly named, for it has no taste (like bread). Samoans work at getting the fruit out of the high branches of the trees with long two-by-fours. Here I am trying to get a breadfruit out of the tree (why, I'll never know).

I know you're in the mood for more creature pics from our home. How about Larry the Lizard and Carol the Cockroach (with guts included):
On Saturday, we went snorkeling at Flower Pot Rock. The tide was really low, so it was difficult to do much there. But we had fun. Flower Pot is in the distance in this picture.

Now (as if this wasn't already the most random blog entry you've ever read) I'll show you some new pictures of Jaydn's school. Jaydn loves spelling words. Here he is doing words with his teacher.

Success!Just another day in American Samoa.