Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Our beloved home

This is the blog devoted to the best place on earth--our home. Due to the many requests for an inside look at our mansion, we have decided to allow you a glimpse inside the world of Coletti.

As we walk in the front door, you will notice the unusual cleanliness of the Coletti home.

Now, turning right toward the family "area," you will see two Coletti's having a relaxing evening. One is reading a magazine; the other, watching a movie.

Jaydn is demonstrating his eyes being closed to the icky world of "princess movie previews."

Turning 180 degrees, you see the dining room table and kitchen area. Absolutely marvelous.

Above our kitchen, bathroom and one of the bedrooms is the guest bedroom (wink, wink). Here you will find luxury amenities, including boxes left over from visits to Samoa's version of Sam's Club/Costco. The more prized items, however, are the gecko droppings, possible mouse droppings, the owners of those droppings, cockroaches, etc. Who knows what you might find in our guest area (I for sure don't, I wouldn't step a foot up there!).

Sparing you a trip to the guest room, we'll walk down the hallway. I'm sure you will notice the towels and beach clothes pinned to the shutter-like windows, which act as a great clothesline.

And here is the practically 5' square bathroom (who thinks a bathroom is interesting? The only interesting thing about the bathroom here is that the toilet seat is down! Oh, and I guess the fact that there are pliers in the bathroom is interesting, too).
Looking into the next room on the left, you will see Jaydn's room. Instantly, you are left with a feeling that you have met the next Crocodile Hunter--this boy sleeps with a snake, and reads shark books; his watergun tucked in carefully to the side of the bed! Watch out for Jaydn!
Don't miss his Triceratops poster, and shell collection box (in the bottom right corner):
Our last stop for the evening is in the master bedroom, at the end of the hall (I know, I know; what a mess!). Laundry "box" is next to the drawers, and water storage is to the left. I'm sure you'll also notice the absence of top blankets, bedspreads, etc. on the bed. If you don't know why, well, can you say 70-80 degree nights?
Turning to our left, you will see the closets that we keep shut as often as possible, to keep out as much of the humidity as we can. After all, humid environments lead to moldy clothes!
Well, thanks for coming. That's the end of our tour. I'll show you the door.

As I let you back out into the dark, rainy, tropical forest, don't forget--you're always welcome at the Coletti home!


Proud Mum said...

How palatial! (So very very different from the squalor we called home for two years.) I can't believe how nice your kitchen and bathroom are!!!

(one tip: when you come home from a lei event, hang it on your oscillating fan -- it's a glade scented fan!)