Friday, August 01, 2008

Take me out to the...

ballgame. Against the Casper Ghosts. You think they could have thought of a more original nickname?

The Chukars killed 'em. It's all right that we're named after a dumb bird, because at least a bird has a body.

Nevermind the double chin.

We sat right behind home plate. Jaydn picked the longest corndog in history for his snack. He is a corndogaholic.

We moved closer to the Chukars bullpen a little later in the game. Since it was the library reading day, there were kids all over the place. During the game, a gaggle of kids surrounded the small space leading into the bullpen anticipating autographs. The ballboy just shooed them away each time. Then, I noticed he was looking at us and had a ball in his hand. He motioned toward Jaydn, so I told Jaydn to walk over to him. Jaydn was so excited when he got an official Pioneer league baseball from the ballboy. I guess it pays to be calm and patient, like Jaydn.

We left in the seventh inning, pretty confident that the "Ghosts" had absolutely no chance of winning. The funnest part of the night for me was seeing Jaydn have a good time.


Andrea, Mrs. said...

Glad you went to the game. You know, the usual.

But--what I really want to tell you is that I am so jealous of Jaydn's corndog! I LOVE corndogs!!!!!!